Helping you glow from the inside out

At Glo Health we are vitamin specialists, our aim is to look after you, and tailor a vitamin package to make you feel the very best you can at a cellular level.  Whether you are struggling with energy, need a detox or looking to rejuvenate your skin, we will tailor a program that is personal to you and will help you feel fantastic, glowing even!

All the products we use are naturally found in our diet or our body, they are all administered at safe, non-toxic levels and yet will give you the boost you need because with an injection you have up to 100% absorption. 

Vitamin B12

Methylcobalamin – Our most important vitamin!

Energy, mood, healthy nervous system

£40 per injection
£140 course of 4

Vitamin D

Healthy immune system

£75 per injection
(administered every 3 months)

Vitamin B Complex (B1, B2 & B6)

Energy, mood, healthy nervous system, supports B12 function

£40 per injection
£140 course of 4

Vitamin C with B Complex

Glowing Skin
Immune system

Always given with B Complex for a more comfortable injection


Hair Nails & Skin Health, Carbohydrate & Fat metabolism

£50 per injection


Detox, Mother antioxidant, ‘anti-aging injection’, glowing skin

£100 per injection
£650 course of 10

GloHealth Skin Boosters

Skin Boosters

Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen boosting Amino Acids

Profhilo – Sunekos – Jalupro

‘Skin boosters’ are an injectable treatment that are designed to deliver deep skin hydration.

Skin boosters are a more natural approach to ‘wrinkle relaxing and filler treatments’ replacing our natural hyaluronic acid and amino acids to hydrate the skin from within, encouraging fibroblast and collagen renewal. Helping your skin glow from the inside out!

Treatments are suitable for all skin types and ages, for younger skin these are a great preventative treatment to keep young youthful and supple and keeping wrinkles at bay without changing how you look. For more mature skin they can help support, plump and hydrate the skin and fine lines, along with stimulating collagen production.

We offer different products to allow us to tailor the treatment, with varying volumes of Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acids, to plump, smooth and hydrate where you need it the most. These products can also help with the rejuvenation of stretch marks and scar tissue or prepping skin pre surgery for improved healing.

Premium Products we use:

  • Profhilo
  • Profhilo body
  • Jalupro HMW
  • Jalupro Classic
  • Sunekos 200
  • Sunekos 1200

Areas we treat:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decolletage
  • Hands
  • Knees
  • Call to discuss any body area that you would like skin toned/ hydrated


Recommended minimum 2 treatments 4 weeks apart

£250 – 1 treatment
£400 – 2 treatments

Jalupro Classic / Sunekos 200
£120 – 1 treatment
£200 – 2 treatments

Jalupro HMW / Sunekos 1200
£180 – 1 treatment
£300 – 2 treatments

Profhilo & Jalupro Classic / Sunekos 200 Bundle
£320 – 1 treatment
£550 – 2 treatments

Profhilo & Jalupro HMW / Sunekos 1200 Bundle
£380 – 1 treatment
£650 – 2 treatments