Frequently Asked Questions


Can anyone have an injection?
We do take a medical history during the consultation, and there are some contra-indications to treatment. If you have any medical issues and would like to discuss them before your appointment please call us.

How many vitamin injections can I have at the same time?
There is no limit to how many of the vitamins you can be injected with in a session, however we will work with you to tailor a package and a course of treatment that will work with you and give you the best most effective results.

Are all Vitamin B12 injections the same?
There are 3 different types of Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) that can be injected.
Cyanocobalamin – Mixed with cyanide and used through Europe but not in UK. Takes 3 – 5 days to break down and be used by the body.
Hydroxocobalamin – Used by the NHS, a stable good source of vitamin B12. It is usually injected into the buttock as it is a more painful injection. Takes 2 – 4 days to break down and be used by the body.
Methylcobalamin – The most bioavailable form of cobalamin, and the most costly. Methylcobalamin is the form of B12 we actually use it in the body so no breakdown needed and gets to work straight away.

Can you overdose on Vitamins?
All our vitamin injections are administered in a safe non toxic dose, enough to make you feel great but well within safe ranges. All the vitamins except Vitamin D are water soluble meaning any excess your body doesn’t need is peed out. Vitamin D is stored in the fat so it can be toxic at high dose. Our dose is safe and we only administer every 3 months to ensure you never have to worry.

Is it good for the elderly?
Yes particularly Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D! They are essential for a healthy immune system and as we age it is harder to absorb vitamins. The acids which we need to absorb B12 decrease naturally from the age of 60 making it harder and harder to absorb B12 through our diets or oral supplements. B12 is beneficial to many body systems and great for ageing wellness.

I have a needle phobia what do I do?
We are very used to looking after people who are scared of needles, remember to focus on why you want the injection – to feel great! We have clients that lay down, back to us, and eyes closed, we promise we will look after you while you are here!

Skin Boosters

What is the difference between the skin boosters you offer?
All skin boosters have a similar make up of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Amino Acids. They work to hydrate the skin and encourage collagen regrowth. The different products are different in the volume of HA they contain, which means they benefit different skin types and can be used in different areas on the face.
We will talk you through the best options for you at the consultation to give you the most beneficial effective results.

Are Skin Boosters fillers, will they change how I look?
No! The genius of skin boosters is they nourish and hydrate the skin, helping with fine lines and skin condition, resulting in glowing skin but they do not change how you look, the higher HA volume products can help to plump fine lines reducing the appearance of wrinkles but there is no structure in the product so it doesn’t change the shape of the face.

Do Skin Boosters hurt?
We want you to feel as comfortable as possible at Glo Health so we always offering numbing to our clients, the injection themselves are very tiny and superficially placed just under the skin, but the product can have a little sting as it is administered. We always check in with our clients throughout the treatment and we are yet to have a client say it’s too painful!

Will I bruise?
With all injections there is a risk of bruising and as skin boosters are multiple small injections yes there is a risk of a bruise or two. We recommend you plan your treatment a few days to a week before going to an event in case of bruising. Please read our ‘pre-care advice’ to ensure you minimise the risk of bruising.

How long with skin boosters last?
The treatment plan is for 2 – 3 treatments to get the full benefit and best results. After this the treatment will last for up to a year, however if you feel you’d like a top up sooner, particularly if you suffer with very dry skin, that is perfectly safe.